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Peter Stark of Memory Motorsports, LLC was the first to solve the mystery!

Hi Randy:
Saw the article on and the next day saw a car go across the auction block at Gooding Auction with the exact same gauge's from a Hupmobile. The one at Gooding was a 1929 Hupmobile Century Six Sedan, but a google image search of the words "hupmobile" and "dash" yields lots of pictures of this cluster in various Hupmobiles. Not sure if this was really a mystery or just a genius piece of marketing/advertising, but either way, I'm damn near positive this is what it came out of!
All the best.

Peter Stark
Memory Motorsports, LLC

About the "Mystery of the Gauges"

I found the "mystery gauge" panel while visiting a swap meet during the Hot August Nights event in Reno, NV. The silver plated panel had some nice detail, and was filled with Stewart Warner gauges from the late twenties and early thirties. I recognized the fonts and appearance of the gauges from other gauge sets I have restored in the past, but when I contacted several car clubs and resources they could not identify this panel. Since I regularly have a booth at the auction in Scottsdale, I decided to bring this panel with me. Thousands of car enthusiasts attend this event every year, so I was pretty sure someone would recognize this set of gauges. Early in the week, Mike Joy and Bob Golfen from SpeedTV stopped by my booth and decided to post an to see if any of their fans could identify my find. also picked up the article, and the rest is history. I received about 20 to 50 responses a day with various guesses and stories about the set of gauges, but had not received a verifiable answer until Saturday, Jan 22, 2011 when Peter Stark sent in the solution. I would like to thank Peter for taking the time to send in his email. Mike and Bob for writing the story, and Fox News for picking up the link. I also thank everyone for your responses to the “Mystery of the Gauges”

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